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A Post of Lists

Posted on: May 17, 2011

A list of the various projects I am currently bemuddled in:

1) Cleaning my house for the Visit of the Mother in Law (shown in horrifying 3D). Oh saints preserve us.
2) Preparing for a garage sale (hooray for decluttering!) that just happens to occur (it’s a post-wide thing) on the day of the VotMiL. The cleaning involved in this is completely separate from the MIL cleaning.
3) Opening an Etsy store! I have a small amount of “inventory,” but can’t manage to get off my bottom and stage some photos to post them. I have made a number of beautiful earrings and necklaces, and have a collection of pretty cloth diapers, and plans for many more things. (I also need to make a banner, and so many other things. Man, I’m lazy.)
4) Getting my health in order and losing weight. I’ve been experiencing all kinds of medical stuff this past year, between a thyroid condition, a breast reduction, anemia, and my persistent habit of being fat (which appears to not be my fault since my body can’t do anything for itself). I’m *finally* feeling some energy, so I’ve started working out again. I’m trying the Couch-to-5k thing, but I’ve got a problem with my shoes so my legs hurt an awful lot. (Accepting donations for a fund for new running shoes!) We have a workout bike in our living room (and I literally just got off it after an hour).

Some things I’d like to say about this new blog:

1) I’m going to use a pseudonym for my daughter. I’m not particularly concerned about it, but some mommybloggers are, and I’d rather not have that fight. I’m also going to use a pseudonym for my husband, who is in the military, for security reasons. Better safe than sorry. Everyone, please meet Silly Bear and Hubcap.
2) I am going to try to avoid certain hot-button issues. Absolutely no politics and absolutely no religion will be discussed here. Certain mommy-issues that devolve into debates will probably pop up at some point, but I’ll be monitoring my posts closely. I have no intention of letting comments get out of hand. Feel free to disagree, but be nice about it (to me and to other commenters). I’m not afraid of banning people.
3) I have a friend who posts crafting tutorials and I think it’s a great idea. I might do this from time to time. Also be on the lookout for roundup posts of crafts I like, or blog posts that I’ve found meaningful, or whatever. Maybe even a lolcat or two. What’s a blog for if you can’t post what you like?


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