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You’ll Soon Learn that I Love Lists

Posted on: May 20, 2011

A to-do list.

1. Iron, photograph, edit/watermark, and post on Etsy the cloth diapers I made.
2. Cleaning argh
3. Community Carnival tonight?
4. Wonder about whether they intended for the carnival to be a pre-Apocalypse event, lol
5. Wean child off of Mickey Mouse
6. Decide on prices for yard sale. Acquire tables, figure out how to rig a clothes line, etc etc etc
7. Hey maybe I could actually read the rest of that Chinese novel for TL? LOL I am so lazy. Relatedly, Jurassic Park (the book) is even better than the movie. I am a moron and am actually thinking about making yet another connected blog, for non-Norton book reviews/summaries. Because I am just that retarded.

A list of medications I am currently taking.

1. Levothyroxine – medication for hypothyroidism. I’m on 88s.
2. Iron supplement.
3. Vitamin D supplement, once a week.
4. Metformin – medication for hyperglycemia. 500 once a day this week, then twice a day after that.

Also testing blood sugar every morning. I’m just glad it’s not 500x a day like when I was pregnant.

And yes, I do have a huge rant about “lol people with diabetes shouldn’t complain, they did it to themselves.”
Fuck them, they don’t know anything. I’m 26 and have been trying to LOSE weight my entire life. My body can’t manage itself, apparently. Also, it’s basically impossible to get type 2 before age 40 unless you are morbidly obese. Mine is probably mainly genetic factors, and probably contributed to by my abysmal thyroid. So don’t make me smack a bitch.
And before anybody says “well you could just work out,” I have two things to say. 1) It is painfully impossible to work out when you have bowling balls attached to your collarbone. So STFU. I just got rid of those in February. I’m working on it. 2) My thyroid condition, and apparently my iron deficiency, and probably the hyperglycemia all mean that I have very very very low energy levels. I do my best, dammit.
There is even a little debate about whether this even is type 2, considering my age and that I am not morbidly obese. Doctor is going to test some antibodies and such next time we do bloodwork. Man, I am soooo thrilled that I get to have bloodwork MORE often. >.< I am pretty sure this’ll end up being 2, because I don’t seem to have many of the classic symptoms of 1, but who knows. I certainly don’t want to be insulin-dependent.

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