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Working on a Special Order

Posted on: June 16, 2011

This entry is a discussion of options for a special order I am working on for my Etsy shop. Please feel free to read along if you like! If you like (or don’t like?) what you see, please offer your comments and suggestions! And if YOU would like to place a special order, you know where to get a hold of me!

I struck out again at the supply store, and am grudgingly accepting the fact that the beads I used previously must have been discontinued. 😦
So I have rounded up some different options that we can explore to coordinate with the 3 other pairs of the Large Orbital Earrings (pictured below for the sake of comparison and having a good-looking-blog).

Large Orbital Earrings

Here follow the three options I have collected, and some thoughts about each. Each one is photographed with the single orphan bead of the original set that I still have, so you can see how each one compares.

Small Pearl Swirl Beads in comparison

These small pearl swirly beads are, as you can see, substantially smaller than the original orbitals, and the metal “cage” is not very similar to the original either. However, they are made by the same company and are exactly the same color. Since they are smaller, we can use multiples, perhaps in a chandelier configuration, or simply have two drop instead of one.

Free Orbit Pearl Beads in comparison

These beads – I confess that I love them deeply – have a different kind of “orbit” going on. They are from a different company than the originals, and therefore the color is not exactly the same. These ones have a slightly off-white color (whereas the originals are very nearly perfectly white), but the off-white has a lovely rosy hue to it. The way that they are strung together keeps the wire orbit relatively stationary around the pearl – it does not swing around independently of the bead itself.

Large Glass Pearls

Finally, I have a string of plain glass pearls. These are slightly larger (and slightly heavier) than the originals. These are the same color as the originals, but have a more pearlescent look to them (not shinier, just more pearl-y). As you can see, they have no wrap or cage. I could simply construct the earrings from these pearls as they are. Alternately, I could attempt to wrap them in imitation of the originals. Fair warning – this is a technique that I have not done before and may take me some time to master (if indeed I am able to do it), and would probably not look identical to the original bead.

There you have it! Please make any observations or suggestions you may have, and ask any and all questions that occur to you. I really want to find a solution to this sad bead-less-ness.


3 Responses to "Working on a Special Order"

I’ve looked at your suggestions. I prefer the originial color of the large orbitals. I think the idea of using the smaller beads that have that pure white look of the large orbitals may work. What about the swirly beads that are much smaller with two in a drop as you suggested. I’m not sure about the chandelier look and I would have to see it to be sure. I am picturing a drop earring with on the shepard’s hook with two dangling pearls. Could one be a bit longer than the other. The impact of two hopefully would make the pearl impact as big as the single orbital earring.

The last picture with the larger pearls is another possibility if you can figure it out. I’ll wait to hear from you. I do adore the large orbitals but am interested in the best match with your experience. The wedding is in September so there is time for you to come up with some workable item. Your pictures and descriptions are excellent. I have the two pairs of large orbitals with me as the postman just arrived! I love them. Thanks again for all your work. I’ll wait to hear from you again.


I will take some time in the next few days to see if I can work with the larger pearls, and if anything good comes of it, I will let you know! In the meantime, I’ll also put together the drops with the two smaller beads so you can see how they turn out. I’ll keep you informed!

That sounds great. Many thanks. MH

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