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Wrapping Pearls

Posted on: July 16, 2011

These pearls were actually finished over a week ago. I am so ashamed. First I was out of batteries for my camera. After I got the batteries, I landed myself in the hospital and was on medication for days. And then I was so far behind… Ugh, enough complaining. Suffice it to say that I am thoroughly ashamed of myself.

I truly hope, after all that fuss, these pearls are beyond all expectations!

First, here is the “coordination option” – the Double Hang Earrings. These, if you remember, are an exact match color-wise to the original orbitals, but are substantially smaller and are a different design. Here are two pictures of the Double-Hang.

Demo of the Double Hang Earrings

Demo of the Double Hang Earrings

As you can see, the pearls in the cage have a hole through the middle. If you choose this option, I’ll make sure to orient the holes vertically, but you may need to check them before the wedding.

And now to the main event. I really enjoyed learning to wire-wrap, and I hope it shows. After a few practice tries, I produced two that look pretty much exactly like the original, with a few minor differences. As mentioned before, the pearls are slightly larger and have a slight difference in their color. I couldn’t exactly match the color of the wire, so the wire I used is a slightly darker silver. It’s also a larger gauge, but it’s proportional to the size difference between the pearls. And now, the pictures.

First, here are two shots comparing my two wrapped beads to the orphaned original.

Comparing the original wrapped pearl to the new

Comparing the old pearl to the new

Obviously, the new ones are on the ends, and the original is in the middle.

Now, a few solo shots of one of the new pearls. Hopefully this will showcase just how lovely it is.

New Wire Wrapped Pearl

New Large Wrapped Pearl

Last but not least, here’s a pair of photos showing the new hand-wrapped pearl as an earring.

Demo of the Hand-wrapped Large Orbital

Demo of the Hand-wrapped Large Orbital

And there you have it. Both of these options are ready for immediate completion and shipping. Barring another medical issue (haha), once I have your approval, I can craft the full 2 pairs you need (of either one) and list them within 24 hours (for the Double-Hang) or 48 hours (for the Hand-wrapped Large Orbital). Once ordered, I *should* be able to ship them the next business day after the payment clears.

I am not sure how much issue that price will play in your decision, but I can give you an overview of that as well.
(Just a refresher, and for my own records:
The Original Large Orbitals sold for 9$ plus shipping.
The pair of Originals came to 18$ with free shipping.)
For a pair of Double-Hang Earrings, the charge would be 20$ with shipping included.
For a pair of Hand-wrapped Large Orbital Earrings, the charge would be 30$ with shipping included.

Okay, that’s all I have for you! Please take your time to peruse the pictures, discuss things with the bride, and make your decision. If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, or criticism, I am definitely available. I recommend going ahead and email-subscribing to the comments of this blog post when you leave your comment (there should be a check box for that), and then I can respond to you directly here. (Or we can move over to Etsy, whichever is more convenient for you.)

I’m excited to keep working with you, and hope that my work pleases you, after such a long wait!

(If anybody else out there is reading this and made it this far, congratulations! If you’d like to work together on a custom order, please feel free to contact me!)


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