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Creative Procrastination

Posted on: July 29, 2011

I recently received an order for a set of 3 banners for someone’s grandkids. They are going to be an xmas present, so they obviously don’t need to be completed until November at the earliest.
Some might think it’s odd that, seeing as it’s July, I have started on them already (and made some decent progress), since it’s so long until they’ll be purchased and paid for.

But see, I know myself. First of all, I do my best work in the first flush of a project. I do best when it’s still new and exciting. But I burn out. I live my life in phases – indulging deeply in something until I get bored of it. I do this with everything – like I said a few days ago, I read voraciously for a few days, and then move on to gaming for a while, then something else, and something else, and yet again something else.
So I need to make sure to plan for the fact that I’ll work like a demon on them for a while, and then lay them aside for days, weeks, maybe even months. Might even go through more than one cycle of this. I’ll get distracted and want to work on a different project. I’ll get to the part when I sew the pennants onto the binding and not want to start it because it’s kindof a pain (not really now that I’m good at it, actually).
So even though I could be reasonably said to be about 25% finished with the banner order, I haven’t touched them (except to move them into my project box while cleaning) in days and probably, if I’m honest, won’t work on them again for at least a week (probably longer).
Especially since I started work on a scholarly essay last night (at 0230), have an order of wire coming in in a few days (and the opportunity to make more rings), an almost-completed maille project, an interior decorating project coming up (will need to paint, stage, and photograph), my husband is out of the state for military training for a month (so I’ll be solo parenting for a while – relieves some stress and causes other stress, lol), I’ve got a mountain of books out from the library, I still want to get back to work on Textbook Leftovers, I’ve got the itch to play some video games, my DVR is full, and I have a few new types of projects that I want to try!


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You are going to be one very busy lady.

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