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Posted on: July 31, 2011

So hubby is gonna be out of town for a while. I’m kinda glad and kinda sad. Mostly meh. It’s a small amount of time compared to what we’ve already done.
Anyway, that’s not the point. I want to talk about our new Plans.
We’re both fatties. No need to get technical. We’re fatties. And well, I’m unhappy (and unhealthy), and his job depends on him not being too much of a fatty. Sooooooo

We’re on a “diet.” By which we mean, we’re making a few changes. We’re eating rice more. Lots more. Brown rice, to be specific, which is hella filling, hella cheap, hella good for us, and hella easy. (Wish that Sams carried it in 50-lb bags, though.) Doesn’t even need to be drained like noodles do. Only downside is that it takes longer to cook than noodles. We thought about whole wheat noodles, but frankly they’re gross, and not really as good for you as they pretend to be. We’re also cutting back on potatoes. Not cutting them out entirely because we love potatoes, but just kicking it down a notch. We’re not completely abandoning noodles either. The idea is to make it better without actually denying ourselves the things we like. That way we don’t feel like the diet is depriving us of anything, and we stick to it. Gradually, we can make more changes.

One thing that might be hard is that we’re cutting back on meat. We’re not going veggie and probably never will. But meat is expensive. So –  much much less beef. And probably more chicken. Chicken is hormone free and much cheaper than beef. It can also be prepared to be quite good for you, and can be infused with many different flavors. I have plans to try out some new flavors that we haven’t tried. We rarely eat pork anyway, so that will probably stay at about the same rate – a pork chop a month or so.
Fish is a complicated issue. I do not like much fish. But fish is good for us! I can tolerate fish sticks, lol, which has to be better than nothing. I’m going to look at different options for dipping said fish sticks than tartar sauce. Maybe I’ll get brave and we’ll have some tilapia filets or something.
To replace our beef, I bought a lot of dried beans today to try out. Hopefully we’ll find some we like and be successful with them. 🙂 We already know we like kidney beans and black beans. I also got something called cranberry beans, and some lentils.

We have, hitherto, been a little lax on our veggie eating. We’d have full intention of making a veggie to go with dinner, but then dinner finishes cooking faster than expected, or Silly Bear requires attention, and no veggie lands on the table. We are making a serious, concerted effort to avoid this happening, and so far have succeeded. We buy our frozen veggies at Sams. Our nearby Sams is mostly intended for restauranteurs, so the food is of great quality. Best green beans I’ve ever had.

Our grocering today went well. We had to go to Sams, where we get crackers, frozen vegetables, and an assortment of other things as needed. Very cost-effective. We spent a total of $100 there, including renewing our membership for $40, and are all set for that store for a while. 🙂 Score. We spent about 60$ at Walmart, and now all we have to buy is bread, IQF chicken, relish, and cat food – all of which we plan to get at the commissary tomorrow. So, awesome. 🙂 We saved a lot on meat (since we aren’t buying any but the chicken), and spent a bit more on a green dishwashing soap (Mrs Meyers – I’ve been planning to get it for months and we finally ran out of dish soap lol) and some veggies that we might have had to skip otherwise.

We’ve actually really been enjoying having rice so often. It serves as a nutty, rich backdrop to the main course. It complements everything and allows the flavors of the other dish (chicken generally) to shine.

It kinda sucks that Hubby is going to be gone for so long, though. Hard to keep on with our experiments without him. Oh well. I’m planning to have lots and lots of rice and veggies for dinner. I find myself with more free time when he’s gone, so things should go smoothly.
Hopefully when he gets back from {location}, he and I will both be skinnier. I’ve never known him to get fat on Army food. 😉


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