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Web Wednesday – Inaugural Edition

Posted on: October 5, 2011

In the future, I plan to feature various articles that have caught my eye over the course of the week. I only came up with this idea last night, though, so I’m not entirely prepared.
So, instead, I’m going to feature a list of blogs and websites that I love to read. I currently have 290 subscriptions on my Google Reader (this number is always fluctuating, though), and get over a thousand new items every weekday. Here’s the cream of the crop, divided into categories for your convenience.

Bug Comic – A simply-illustrated joke-a-day style comic. Quite hilarious.
Hark, A Vagrant! – A smart comic for the educated. Nah, it’s just a hilarious look at history and literature.
Hyperbole and a Half – Hasn’t been updating much lately, but the drawings and stories are ROFL-worthy.
Questionable Content – My first webcomic love, and still one of the best. It’s a long-form ongoing story with many deeply engaging characters. Definitely worth all the time you’ll spend in the archives.
XKCD – The much-beloved science-y comic. Mostly the art is stick figures and the jokes are intellectual, but other times the art is gorgeously detailed and the joke is a deep thought about our lives.

Cute-sturbing – This tumblr trawls the internet and comes up with some of the best art. It’s not always SFW.
Avalanche Software Art Blog – this collaborative blog doesn’t update incredibly often, but they run with themes and the different takes on the topics are humorous.
Geek Art – Another web-trawler, this blog publishes galleries from artists with a geeky bent.
PostSecret – the anonymous postcard project posts a collection of secrets every Sunday. Sometimes funny, sometimes deathly serious. Frequently gorgeous and/or creative.
Stasia Burrington – This is the only one on this list that’s by a single artist. That’s how much I love her work. (Occasionally NSFW, if your boss is a prude.)

{I follow so many different crafting blogs that I couldn’t decide who to include and who to leave out.}
Apartment Therapy – Along with it’s “green” associate Re-Nest, among the best of the home-design websites. The community on these (and their other associated sites) is kind and relaxing as well – I’ve not seen a single flame war.
CRAFT – This one collects articles from blogs all over the blogosphere. A very great way to find new designs and designers to follow.
Dude Craft – Repurposing and building with a laidback edge.

BlogHer – This network publishes articles by women from all over the stage of life. Another great way to meet new people.
Jezebel – This is more of a ladymag, really. Beware the comments, but the articles are fun and informative (always a good combo).
Mamapop – A snarky take on life, kids, and other things that moms care about (like tv).
Mommyish – News for Moms, straight-up. Parenting-related news and articles, with much less drama than some of the other sources.
Ohdeedoh – Parenting from the people who bring you Apartment Therapy. Lots of great decorating and craft ideas here, too.
STFU, Parents – A funny (and scary) look at the people we wish we didn’t know.
The Gloss – Another ladymag. This one is aimed more at singles and childless women, but it’s fun and entertaining.

Confessions of a Pioneer Woman – Homestead-style life.
Scary Mommy – Don’t even pretend that you don’t want to hide from your kids.
The Bloggess – If you don’t know her, you don’t know funny (or Beyonce the giant metal chicken). Knock knock.
The Zero Waste Home – Sometimes a bit pretentious, but I’ve gotten a lot of great “green” tips from her.

IO9 – A conglomeration of all the science and sci-fi you want.
GeekSugar – Geek Lite.
Mental Floss – Give your brain a workout. Tons of trivia and interesting facts to perk you up after a boring afternoon.
The Mary Sue – Science, Sci-fi, and Geek News from a female point of view. One of my absolute favorite places on the internet – I’ll probably be featuring them frequently.
Topless Robot – Incredibly similar to The Mary Sue, but with guys. Another of my favorites.
Wired Science – If you want straight Science, go here.
Zelda Informer – IMO, the best news aggregator for The Legend of Zelda. They also feature other Nintendo news.

Anglophenia – The BBC America blog. Every Tuesday is Doctor Whosday!
Gawker – News and gossip. Has something of a liberal bent, and the comments are poisonous. But the news is good.
Lifehacker – What it says on the tin. Comments are safe here, unlike the rest of the Gawker network. Great hints and tips for everyday life.
Smitten Kitchen – Food. Delicious Food.
The Kitchn – Another awesome blog from Apartment Therapy. Food, food and more food.

This list ended up longer than I expected, and it’s not exhaustive! I hope you enjoyed, and I hope you’ve found some new blogs to follow! Feel free to share your favorites in the comments. đŸ™‚


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