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Web Wednesday the First

Posted on: October 12, 2011

Every day, I receive about 1000 entries from my 290 subscriptions on my Google Reader. I go through them, star the good ones, and then create a curated list of the best ones for you!
I’ve been super busy this week crafting and stuff, so I’m a bit behind on my reading. But here’s the best of what I have read, anyway, lol. I’m including a section of “Halloween Crafts” this week – we’re having a “literary Gothic Horror” themed Halloween party, and I’ve been digging some of the awesomeness out there.

The Nobel Peace Prize went to three women (two from Liberia and one from Yemen) who are really making a difference. Congratulations, ladies. *raises glass*

Halloween Crafts
DIY Apothecary Jars from Design DNA – I’m definitely going to make these. It’s super hard to find “real” apothecary jars.
EAP Tablescape from CasaSugar – We’re going with a similar theme. I don’t think I’m actually using any of these ideas, but it’s still inspiring.
Burlap Bunting from Craftzine – I’m making one that says “Nevermore”!
Quoth the Raven Dinner Party from Brooklyn Limestone – So much inspiration.
DIY Literary Dinnerware from Brooklyn Limestone – I love these so much.
Halloween Projects from Wisecraft – I really love the poison bottles and the sinister ceramics.

Scalloped Hasselbeck Potatoes from Tasty Kitchen – ZOMG. I need this in my mouth.

DIY Airships and Rayguns from Dude Craft – Might be making one of these ray guns for my River Song costume. 😉
Cross Stitch Mural from Decor Hacks – Sooooo cute.
Gremlin Embroidery via Cute-sturbing – I love these modern takes on old-school crafting methods.
Wine’o’clock from Recyclart – I failed horribly at making a wine glass rack the other day. This was a fortunate find.
Necklaces from ties from Recyclart – I want one. I’ve seen bracelets too. Gonna make some one day.
Bags from recycled jackets from Recyclart – Can you tell that I love the idea of remaking clothing?

Cool Things
This is an opera set you guys. I’ve seen pictures of it before, but it’s just mind-blowing.
Ten Types of Writers Block and How to Beat Them from IO9 – Attention all writers (and NaNo-ers especially)!
Venus Fly Trap Bowl from You Grow Girl – I think Venus Fly Traps are awesome. I want to have some.

TV/Movie News
Lost in Austen via The Mary Sue – How did I miss this? I need to see it. Alex Kingston as Mrs Bennet? OMG.
Doctor Who / Tik Tok remix via Topless Robot – I can’t watch this yet because we’re behind on watching (OMG no spoilers please!), but I want to make sure I can find it later. LOL.
Ten Eternal Movies from The Mary Sue – I now want to open a movie theater that does nothing but show these movies (and ones like them) over and over and over again.

Life-Affirming Tidbit of the Week
The Doctor thinks you are important.

Come back tomorrow for a special Bonus Thursday post, part of Pumpkin Extravaganza!
Did you see anything cool around the intartubes this week? Share it in the comments!


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