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Meat Monday – and a report on crafting

Posted on: October 17, 2011

We meet again, Monday. Today I bring the second and third books of The Odyssey for your perusal over at Textbook Leftovers.

I’m happy to say I’ve made it through the weekend with a haul of great projects. I’m hoping to take some pictures and share them here later on today. So far, I have a raven in a cage, a “cask of Amontillado,” a large assortment of candleholders and other vessels, a creepy/cute owl, and an epic sign for outside. I also finished the tunic for my costume. I’ve got plans for a big spiderweb, a “purloined letter,” a “pendulum,” some kind of piñata, some “frankenstein pots,” a giant spider, a few more bits for Hubcab and Silly Bear’s costumes, and a banner bearing the word “Nevermore.” I’m enjoying the heck out of this Poe theme. 😀

The post has now been edited! More pictures!
Unless I note otherwise, the items pictured were acquired at a local thrift store. The cardboard is all “garbage” from packaging that I’ve been saving. Our total investment in decorations has been rather minimal, especially when compared to the prices on pre-made stuff at the Halloween stores.

The Telltale Hearth Inn and Tavern, est. 1849. Mary Shelley, proprietor.
This is made of cardboard. It’s meant to look as though it were made of wood, painted grey and allowed to weather. I did all the lettering by hand, drawn freehand with pencil and then painted. Except obviously the “telltale” – that was a stencil. I might add a little more decorative scrolling (beside the established date).
And yes, I do think this is terribly clever. I’m super proud of how this turned out. (FYI, that is the year Poe died.)

This is my “cask.” It, too, is made from cardboard. The band are embroidery hoops that I got for 10¢ each. The labels are pasted on with flour paste, since I couldn’t find any Elmer’s. I didn’t realize that it’d leave the dry flour like that (I think I thought that once dry I could wipe off the unused flour?) The labels read: “Genuine Amontillado. Product of Spain. 492 Liters. Vintage 1846.” “Inspected by Luchesi” and “Taxes paid, city of Firenzia.” The amount and the inspector are taken from the story. The vintage is the year the story was published. The city is real, but never referenced in the story. There’s a “funny” story about why the labels are so mottled.

I’m gonna put a “read more” here, because there are a LOT of pictures to come!

I already owned these 3 metal candlesticks. The gems along the bottom are not perfectly even, so sue me.

I love the effect of painting this white glass black. The uniform dark color masks the fruit on the base of this one. If painting this is some kind of sin against glassmaking, chill. It’s acrylic paint and will wash right off.

I love this vase for some reason. I’m not sure yet if I’ll be putting a candle in/on it, or if I’ll use it for flowers. Time will tell.

This is something I already owned. It used to be orange and silver, with a “net” of beads on the shade and dangling down. I carefully cut off the bead net and laid it aside and then spray painted the shade. The beads can be put back on later. The spray paint left a few blobs on the mesh, but it is a satisfying effect.

These two kinda baffle me. I feel like they need some embellishment, but I don’t know what. Maybe some of those stick-on jewels like I put on the short ones (above)?

This is another odd thing. It’s made of ceramic, and was originally a delicate white, and those flowers were all pastel-y and kinda tacky. Some of the flowers are also missing petals. The black hides the broken parts, and I love the stand-out rose. The odd thing is that even though this paint is quite glossy, this candlestick insists on having a somewhat flat appearance.

This is a lonely little lid. I liked the shape of it, and scored it for like a quarter. I haven’t decided if I’ll use it like this, or the other end up. The small flat end has a delicate gold pattern on it.

This owl is meant to be somewhat sinister, but he persists in being absolutely adorable! He was so hard to paint though. He had a glossy glaze on him, and it took like 5 coats to finally get him completely covered.

These are beer glasses, I think? I’m not sure I’m happy with my color choices here. I’ve also not decided if these will be used open-end-up with tapers inside, or flat-end-up with candles on top. Or maybe no candles at all? I might fill them with something else.

I’m not doing anything to these beauties. I’m about 99% sure they’re not silver, but they are so elegant I couldn’t pass them up. I wish there were more of them, and/or a matching punch bowl. With a healthy washing, I’m going to use these for drinks!

I already owned these. They are painted black but the lighting here makes it look like they’re still brass! I really like the bead collars. 🙂

I’m not sure I’m happy with these. Might have to wash them and try again.

Last photo for today! The raven was purchased at the halloween shop, but the cage is a piece of garbage cardboard (used a dessert plate for a pattern), and some already-used pipe cleaners (they were part of a project that I scrapped halfway through – they’ve got little globs of glue on them).

Somewhere in my house is another pair of candlesticks that I want to paint. I’ve also got plans to add some color to my cake stand and to a pumpkin-shaped jar I own. Along with the myriad other things I want to make. LOL.


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