Life, Left Over

Web Wednesday #3

Posted on: October 26, 2011

This week, I’ve got 298 subscriptions!
I’m running a little behind again, but I think I’ve caught most of the good stuff. 🙂 Seems like it was an off week, though, it’s looking pretty scant around here.
Without further ado, here we go!

Crib bumbers are officially OUT. So stop wasting your money on them! (via Momformation)

Daleks everywhere! Exterminate! (from Errantry)
Beautiful art AND a great message about the nature of Halloween (from Lucy Knisley)

Apparently I saw no good food this week? How SAD.

This hoodie looks super comfy. (from CRAFT)
I’m planning to make some felt coasters soon. I like the detail in these. (from CRAFT)
Guitar string bracelet! I like. (from Recyclart)
Mockingjay pumpkin carving pattern (via The Mary Sue)
Acorn cap candles. I wish there were acorns here… (from Re-Nest)

Cool Things
Got geeklings? Read this. (from Geekmom)
A lot of people really need to read this. Clutter is bad for you. (from Zero Waste Home)

TV/Movie News
Warner Brothers is putting Harry in the vault! Beware! (via The Mary Sue)

LOL of the Week
Just a little rhyme (via Set Phasers to Lol)

Life-Affirming Tidbit of the Week
You might start out as the unwanted companion, but you’ll soon become The Last Centurion. (via SPtL)

Did you see anything cool this week? Share it in the comments!


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