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Web Wednesday #4

Posted on: November 9, 2011

This week, I’ve got 301 subscriptions! I dropped several recently, but I also added a lot. I’m going to try to include items from last week as well, since I took that week off. Enjoy!

If you’re interested, with the new changes to Google Reader, I’m now able to share directly to Google+, and do so frequently. Virtually none of the things I share there are not included in this weekly list (ie – they’re not here). There’s a lot of fangirly spam (Whovians rejoice!), but I also share a fair few articles about other things, along with my thoughts. So if you’re into that, just comment and I’ll give you a link to my Google+ profile. šŸ™‚


New developments on Mars. Very interesting indeed. (via The Mary Sue)
This. Just. What. Argh. (via Mommyish)
Another idiotic bit of news. ARGH. (via Jezebel)
More idiots, ruining more lives – this time in the military. (from SpouseBuzz)
Finally, some good news. British succession laws changed with a unanimous vote. (from Anglophenia)
More good news, this time from the Girl Scouts. Love them. (from Mommyish)

Gorgeous surreal illustrations from a 1949 Alice in Wonderland. (via IO9)
I’m buying some of these. šŸ™‚ (from Stasia B)

Cheddar Bacon Ranch Bread. I tried this and it didn’t turn out very well. Some tweaks are necessary. (from The Stir)
Chu Jelly from The Legend of Zelda. I’ll be making this for my own private release party later this month. (from The Geeky Chef)
Pumpkin Spice Rice Krispie Treats. There is no part of that that doesn’t sound good. (from The Kitchn)

A cute idea for the gamer in your life. (via Zelda Informer)
$5 fog machine. Wish I’d known this before the party. (from Lifehacker)

Cool Things
An essay about gendered toys. A topic very close to my heart. (from Mommyish)

TV/Movie News
Helena Bonham Carter. Miss Havisham. It’s a match made in heaven and it’s going to be glorious. (via The Mary Sue)
I’ve been trying to tell people this. Pattinson is a genius. (from The Stir)
Twilight vs The Hunger Games. Gee I wonder which is better. (from The Stir)

LOL of the Week
Gotta love Rory. (from Hermits United)
Failproof ways to freak out a Whovian. There is truth here. (from Hermits United)

Life-Affirming Tidbit of the Week
Nine isn’t my favorite Doctor, but he sure does have a pair of brass ones. (from Hermits United)
OMG Tennant is a loser. An adorkable loser. (from Hermits United)
The entire cast and crew of Who singing and dancing. (from Anglophenia)

Don’t be afraid to seem ridiculous. (from SPtLOL)

Did you see anything cool this week? Share it in the comments!


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