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Web Wednesday #5

Posted on: November 16, 2011

This week, I’ve got 261 subscriptions! I went through and found a whole bunch of subs that weren’t updating anymore. Still get over a thousand items a day, though. LOL. Let’s see how fast I get back up to 300.

I’m still spamming Google+ regularly, if anybody is interested. 🙂 It’s mostly flailing, but there’s some other stuff in there too. 🙂


Apparently nobody misses the NBA. Good riddance. (from The Stir)

Lovely illustration of a girl (from Errantry)
Here, have some Stardust art! (from My Hand Moves Funny)

Mmm, I love cranberry muffins. (from The Kitchn)

A quick free way to organize cables and cords. (from Curbly)
These holiday ornaments are really cute. (from CRAFT)
I love little bags. This one is super cute! (from CRAFT)
Do you like owls? I like owls. (from Apartment Therapy)
These fabric pinecones are *everywhere* lately! (from CRAFT)
A Bubble Wrap CALENDAR?! I need this. (from Badder Homes and Gardens)
Text art for the kitchen. I approve. (from Apartment Therapy)
A Rainbow Dash Hat?!
I need one of these too! (from Must Have Cute)

Cool Things
Just in case you need it, here’s how to protest safely and legally. (from Lifehacker)
Sad. I hope that things can change in Hollywood. (from Cracked)
An interesting article about octopods. (from IO9)
Ten things you probably don’t know about military spouses. (from Off The Base)

TV/Movie News
Nintendo has struck back at PETA. LOL. (from Zelda Informer)
Justin Timberlake has risen many many places in my estimation. (from The Stir)
Peter Dinklage is great. Here, he speaks out about Dwarves in fantasy. (from The Mary Sue)
A montage of Tim Burton movies. Lovvvve. (from Set Phasers to LOL)
An epic Mario stop-motion video. (from The Mary Sue)

LOL of the Week
Has he? (from Who Generation)
I will be singing this song this way for the rest of my life. (from DavidTennantgasm)
I have been laughing at this ALL WEEK. SO FUNNY. (from DavidTennantgasm)
Daleks are so dang funny. (from Fandom Base)

Life-Affirming Tidbit of the Week
Captain Jack gets on his soapbox. (from Hermits United)
Doctor Who is about Standing Up for What’s Right. (from DavidTennantgasm)
One of MANY of the posts I loved for Eleventh Day. (from DavidTennantgasm)
River Song is my hero. My life-spiration. (from Who Generation)

Did you see anything cool this week? Share it in the comments!


4 Responses to "Web Wednesday #5"

You’re cranberry muffins led me to my cranberry scone recipe, I am eternally grateful 🙂 Also – fabric pinecones SO CUTE. And OWLS of course. Bubblewrap calendar is necessary for my kitchen. For reals. And the my little pony hat is awesome. Hollywood sucks, octopi are cool and daleks are funny. :))

LOL I love you. 😀 I’ve been wanting to make cranberry muffins ever since I read that daaaaays ago, and still haven’t done it. Shame on me.
I am totally going to make a Pony Hat. 😀 Dashie’s hair lends itself best to the style of hat, but I prefer Rarity or Fluttershy, so we’ll see. Twilight Sparkle would also be easy to make, I think.

OMG, I am such a dork.

ok please ignore my ridiculously stupid typo. *Your not you’re. You are not a cranberry muffin. If you were I might have to eat you

Maybe I *AM* a cranberry muffin. O.O 😀

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