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I’ve been sooooo swamped lately. Preparing for Halloween mostly. Hubcap has been going to ranges a lot, and that messes up the household a lot. A few days ago, I described it as “trying to sail in choppy water” and I really like that description. In and out, back and forth… Ugh.

Here’s what I’m going to be working on this weekend.
– Finish tunic (for my costume – I’m really happy with how it’s going so far)
– Make Silly Bear’s costume
– Finish rounding up the stuff for costumes (a few shirts, parts for the Sonic Screwdriver)
– Finish painting the glass decor items for the party (most of them just need a second coat or a touch up)
– Make the rest of the cardboard decor items (finish cask, make outdoor sign, make pendulum, etc)
– Read Book 2 (or more) of The Odyssey
– Make (or buy if all else fails) invitations for the party
– Decide on a menu (and begin collecting ingredients)
– Do a Tutorial Tuesday (I’m thinking of doing some chainmaille)
– Make a giant spider and a pinata out of papier maché
– don’t you hate when you make a list of all the things you have to do and you feel like you’re forgetting something important…

There’s a Halloween event at a store nearby that I want to go to on Saturday. We need to do a bit of grocery shopping. The dining room, backyard, and garage all need some serious cleaning.

On the bright side, I’ve made some really awesome things in the last week or so. I’m planning to do a nice big photo shoot when everything is done, so be on the lookout!


– Complete Margaret’s special order !

– Wash the dishes

– Clean the bathroom

– Laundry

– Clean Silly Bear’s room

– Clean the fridge

– Clean the dining room

– Finish Kako’s banner

– Begin cutting for the special order banners

– Make plans for TBLO

– Sale listings on Etsy

Accomplished today:
– Grocery shopping
– Forget to buy jelly and chicken nuggets

Goals for tonight:
– Clean & organize pantry
– Run a load of laundry or two
– Organize kitchen cabinets
– Dishes, omg they are all dirty

Goals for tomorrow:
– Doctor appointment (and probably labs ugh)
– Run all the rest of the laundry
– FRG meeting
– Clean as much as humanly possible

Goals for Friday:
– Rent table from P&R for GS
– Bake bread and some kind of dessert
– Make potato salad
– Clean everything that’s not already clean

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– Organize kitchen cabinets
– Wash kitchen cabinets
– Organize pantry
– Do laundry. ALL THE LAUNDRY.
– Clean bathroom
– Organize movie shelves
– Organize book shelves
– Remove books/movies that I don’t want being a topic of discussion/ridicule
– Prepare a list of dinners for the week
– Shop for said dinners (Wednesday)
– Prepare some foods ahead of time (cake, potato salad)
– Gather bedding for improv beds on couch & chair
– Spruce up the outdoor space
– Straighten the art installation in bedroom
– Put away art supplies
– Hide 3DS, PSP, Laptop, etc & all peripherals in bedroom (keep away from BIL)
– Pay the bills so I don’t forget while they’re here
– Get flowers to class up the place (carnations or butterfly lilies)
– Dangit I’ve got a doctor’s appointment Thursday
– Vacuuming, wash floors, etc etc etc
– Clean bathroom & stock it for guests
– Clean medicine cabinet. Put my medicine elsewhere.
– Wash couch cushions

Let me know if you think of something else I need to do. 🙂

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A to-do list.

1. Iron, photograph, edit/watermark, and post on Etsy the cloth diapers I made.
2. Cleaning argh
3. Community Carnival tonight?
4. Wonder about whether they intended for the carnival to be a pre-Apocalypse event, lol
5. Wean child off of Mickey Mouse
6. Decide on prices for yard sale. Acquire tables, figure out how to rig a clothes line, etc etc etc
7. Hey maybe I could actually read the rest of that Chinese novel for TL? LOL I am so lazy. Relatedly, Jurassic Park (the book) is even better than the movie. I am a moron and am actually thinking about making yet another connected blog, for non-Norton book reviews/summaries. Because I am just that retarded.

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A list of the various projects I am currently bemuddled in:

1) Cleaning my house for the Visit of the Mother in Law (shown in horrifying 3D). Oh saints preserve us.
2) Preparing for a garage sale (hooray for decluttering!) that just happens to occur (it’s a post-wide thing) on the day of the VotMiL. The cleaning involved in this is completely separate from the MIL cleaning.
3) Opening an Etsy store! I have a small amount of “inventory,” but can’t manage to get off my bottom and stage some photos to post them. I have made a number of beautiful earrings and necklaces, and have a collection of pretty cloth diapers, and plans for many more things. (I also need to make a banner, and so many other things. Man, I’m lazy.)
4) Getting my health in order and losing weight. I’ve been experiencing all kinds of medical stuff this past year, between a thyroid condition, a breast reduction, anemia, and my persistent habit of being fat (which appears to not be my fault since my body can’t do anything for itself). I’m *finally* feeling some energy, so I’ve started working out again. I’m trying the Couch-to-5k thing, but I’ve got a problem with my shoes so my legs hurt an awful lot. (Accepting donations for a fund for new running shoes!) We have a workout bike in our living room (and I literally just got off it after an hour).

Some things I’d like to say about this new blog:

1) I’m going to use a pseudonym for my daughter. I’m not particularly concerned about it, but some mommybloggers are, and I’d rather not have that fight. I’m also going to use a pseudonym for my husband, who is in the military, for security reasons. Better safe than sorry. Everyone, please meet Silly Bear and Hubcap.
2) I am going to try to avoid certain hot-button issues. Absolutely no politics and absolutely no religion will be discussed here. Certain mommy-issues that devolve into debates will probably pop up at some point, but I’ll be monitoring my posts closely. I have no intention of letting comments get out of hand. Feel free to disagree, but be nice about it (to me and to other commenters). I’m not afraid of banning people.
3) I have a friend who posts crafting tutorials and I think it’s a great idea. I might do this from time to time. Also be on the lookout for roundup posts of crafts I like, or blog posts that I’ve found meaningful, or whatever. Maybe even a lolcat or two. What’s a blog for if you can’t post what you like?

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