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This week, I’ve got 261 subscriptions! I went through and found a whole bunch of subs that weren’t updating anymore. Still get over a thousand items a day, though. LOL. Let’s see how fast I get back up to 300.

I’m still spamming Google+ regularly, if anybody is interested. 🙂 It’s mostly flailing, but there’s some other stuff in there too. 🙂


Apparently nobody misses the NBA. Good riddance. (from The Stir)

Lovely illustration of a girl (from Errantry)
Here, have some Stardust art! (from My Hand Moves Funny)

Mmm, I love cranberry muffins. (from The Kitchn)

A quick free way to organize cables and cords. (from Curbly)
These holiday ornaments are really cute. (from CRAFT)
I love little bags. This one is super cute! (from CRAFT)
Do you like owls? I like owls. (from Apartment Therapy)
These fabric pinecones are *everywhere* lately! (from CRAFT)
A Bubble Wrap CALENDAR?! I need this. (from Badder Homes and Gardens)
Text art for the kitchen. I approve. (from Apartment Therapy)
A Rainbow Dash Hat?!
I need one of these too! (from Must Have Cute)

Cool Things
Just in case you need it, here’s how to protest safely and legally. (from Lifehacker)
Sad. I hope that things can change in Hollywood. (from Cracked)
An interesting article about octopods. (from IO9)
Ten things you probably don’t know about military spouses. (from Off The Base)

TV/Movie News
Nintendo has struck back at PETA. LOL. (from Zelda Informer)
Justin Timberlake has risen many many places in my estimation. (from The Stir)
Peter Dinklage is great. Here, he speaks out about Dwarves in fantasy. (from The Mary Sue)
A montage of Tim Burton movies. Lovvvve. (from Set Phasers to LOL)
An epic Mario stop-motion video. (from The Mary Sue)

LOL of the Week
Has he? (from Who Generation)
I will be singing this song this way for the rest of my life. (from DavidTennantgasm)
I have been laughing at this ALL WEEK. SO FUNNY. (from DavidTennantgasm)
Daleks are so dang funny. (from Fandom Base)

Life-Affirming Tidbit of the Week
Captain Jack gets on his soapbox. (from Hermits United)
Doctor Who is about Standing Up for What’s Right. (from DavidTennantgasm)
One of MANY of the posts I loved for Eleventh Day. (from DavidTennantgasm)
River Song is my hero. My life-spiration. (from Who Generation)

Did you see anything cool this week? Share it in the comments!


This week, I’ve got 301 subscriptions! I dropped several recently, but I also added a lot. I’m going to try to include items from last week as well, since I took that week off. Enjoy!

If you’re interested, with the new changes to Google Reader, I’m now able to share directly to Google+, and do so frequently. Virtually none of the things I share there are not included in this weekly list (ie – they’re not here). There’s a lot of fangirly spam (Whovians rejoice!), but I also share a fair few articles about other things, along with my thoughts. So if you’re into that, just comment and I’ll give you a link to my Google+ profile. 🙂


New developments on Mars. Very interesting indeed. (via The Mary Sue)
This. Just. What. Argh. (via Mommyish)
Another idiotic bit of news. ARGH. (via Jezebel)
More idiots, ruining more lives – this time in the military. (from SpouseBuzz)
Finally, some good news. British succession laws changed with a unanimous vote. (from Anglophenia)
More good news, this time from the Girl Scouts. Love them. (from Mommyish)

Gorgeous surreal illustrations from a 1949 Alice in Wonderland. (via IO9)
I’m buying some of these. 🙂 (from Stasia B)

Cheddar Bacon Ranch Bread. I tried this and it didn’t turn out very well. Some tweaks are necessary. (from The Stir)
Chu Jelly from The Legend of Zelda. I’ll be making this for my own private release party later this month. (from The Geeky Chef)
Pumpkin Spice Rice Krispie Treats. There is no part of that that doesn’t sound good. (from The Kitchn)

A cute idea for the gamer in your life. (via Zelda Informer)
$5 fog machine. Wish I’d known this before the party. (from Lifehacker)

Cool Things
An essay about gendered toys. A topic very close to my heart. (from Mommyish)

TV/Movie News
Helena Bonham Carter. Miss Havisham. It’s a match made in heaven and it’s going to be glorious. (via The Mary Sue)
I’ve been trying to tell people this. Pattinson is a genius. (from The Stir)
Twilight vs The Hunger Games. Gee I wonder which is better. (from The Stir)

LOL of the Week
Gotta love Rory. (from Hermits United)
Failproof ways to freak out a Whovian. There is truth here. (from Hermits United)

Life-Affirming Tidbit of the Week
Nine isn’t my favorite Doctor, but he sure does have a pair of brass ones. (from Hermits United)
OMG Tennant is a loser. An adorkable loser. (from Hermits United)
The entire cast and crew of Who singing and dancing. (from Anglophenia)

Don’t be afraid to seem ridiculous. (from SPtLOL)

Did you see anything cool this week? Share it in the comments!

This week, I’ve got 298 subscriptions!
I’m running a little behind again, but I think I’ve caught most of the good stuff. 🙂 Seems like it was an off week, though, it’s looking pretty scant around here.
Without further ado, here we go!

Crib bumbers are officially OUT. So stop wasting your money on them! (via Momformation)

Daleks everywhere! Exterminate! (from Errantry)
Beautiful art AND a great message about the nature of Halloween (from Lucy Knisley)

Apparently I saw no good food this week? How SAD.

This hoodie looks super comfy. (from CRAFT)
I’m planning to make some felt coasters soon. I like the detail in these. (from CRAFT)
Guitar string bracelet! I like. (from Recyclart)
Mockingjay pumpkin carving pattern (via The Mary Sue)
Acorn cap candles. I wish there were acorns here… (from Re-Nest)

Cool Things
Got geeklings? Read this. (from Geekmom)
A lot of people really need to read this. Clutter is bad for you. (from Zero Waste Home)

TV/Movie News
Warner Brothers is putting Harry in the vault! Beware! (via The Mary Sue)

LOL of the Week
Just a little rhyme (via Set Phasers to Lol)

Life-Affirming Tidbit of the Week
You might start out as the unwanted companion, but you’ll soon become The Last Centurion. (via SPtL)

Did you see anything cool this week? Share it in the comments!

This week, I’ve got 296 subscriptions!
I’ve been feeling a little under the weather, hence the lack of a Tutorial Tuesday post. I’m sure nobody noticed, 😉 ;-). My crafting took a hit, but I did post quite a few pictures of my progress on Monday.
Without further ado, here we go!

The end of DADT has been pretty much a non-event here. I’m so thankful (and hoping to get some gay neighbors). (from Jezebel)
Changes are (probably) coming to the Monarchy. (from Anglophenia)

I’ve seen a couple of things written in Gallifreyan this week, but this is my favorite. (from Gallifreyan/Geek/Squad)

Roasted Potato Stacks – I love potatoes so much. (from Gourmand Recipes)
Inside-out Caramel Apples – I’m almost certainly going to make these. (from Domestic Fits)
Apple Cinnamon Toaster Streudels – I’m going to make a bunch of these and freeze them. (from The Kitchn)
Homemade Rock Candy – Definitely going to make some of these. Yum. (from CRAFT)
Apple pie cookies – Man, fall recipes are the BEST, aren’t they? (from Smitten Kitchen)
Vampire Cupcakes – I *am* making these for the party. (via The Stir)

I’ve got a few friends who I think would love these superhero socks. (via The Mary Sue)
A gigantic stuffed rocket ship? Must Have! (from Must Have Cute)
Use an old milk jug to make a sandwich box. I’m saving all my milk cartons so I can make dozens of these. (via Re-Nest)
Shirt too small? Make it bigger, and cuter! (from CRAFT)

Cool Things
Here’s a short lesson in colors. I like the minus-green flamingo. (via The Mary Sue)
Apparently this is not also true of Thanksgiving, considering when my birthday is. Interesting graph. (via The Mary Sue)
John Cheese is a genius. Another great article. This one’s about parenting. (from Cracked)

TV/Movie News
So long, Military Wives of San Diego. I’m glad you failed. (from SpouseBuzz)
Matt Smith won a Spike Award! 🙂 (via GeekSugar)
Some pictures of Helena Bonham Carter. You’re welcome. (from Anglophenia)
Here’s a picture of David Tennant. You are VERY welcome. (from Gallifreyan/Geek/Squad)

Life-Affirming Tidbit of the Week
The Ninth Doctor dancing. I dare you to not smile. (via Set Phasers to LOL)

Did you see anything cool this week? Share it in the comments!

Every day, I receive about 1000 entries from my 290 subscriptions on my Google Reader. I go through them, star the good ones, and then create a curated list of the best ones for you!
I’ve been super busy this week crafting and stuff, so I’m a bit behind on my reading. But here’s the best of what I have read, anyway, lol. I’m including a section of “Halloween Crafts” this week – we’re having a “literary Gothic Horror” themed Halloween party, and I’ve been digging some of the awesomeness out there.

The Nobel Peace Prize went to three women (two from Liberia and one from Yemen) who are really making a difference. Congratulations, ladies. *raises glass*

Halloween Crafts
DIY Apothecary Jars from Design DNA – I’m definitely going to make these. It’s super hard to find “real” apothecary jars.
EAP Tablescape from CasaSugar – We’re going with a similar theme. I don’t think I’m actually using any of these ideas, but it’s still inspiring.
Burlap Bunting from Craftzine – I’m making one that says “Nevermore”!
Quoth the Raven Dinner Party from Brooklyn Limestone – So much inspiration.
DIY Literary Dinnerware from Brooklyn Limestone – I love these so much.
Halloween Projects from Wisecraft – I really love the poison bottles and the sinister ceramics.

Scalloped Hasselbeck Potatoes from Tasty Kitchen – ZOMG. I need this in my mouth.

DIY Airships and Rayguns from Dude Craft – Might be making one of these ray guns for my River Song costume. 😉
Cross Stitch Mural from Decor Hacks – Sooooo cute.
Gremlin Embroidery via Cute-sturbing – I love these modern takes on old-school crafting methods.
Wine’o’clock from Recyclart – I failed horribly at making a wine glass rack the other day. This was a fortunate find.
Necklaces from ties from Recyclart – I want one. I’ve seen bracelets too. Gonna make some one day.
Bags from recycled jackets from Recyclart – Can you tell that I love the idea of remaking clothing?

Cool Things
This is an opera set you guys. I’ve seen pictures of it before, but it’s just mind-blowing.
Ten Types of Writers Block and How to Beat Them from IO9 – Attention all writers (and NaNo-ers especially)!
Venus Fly Trap Bowl from You Grow Girl – I think Venus Fly Traps are awesome. I want to have some.

TV/Movie News
Lost in Austen via The Mary Sue – How did I miss this? I need to see it. Alex Kingston as Mrs Bennet? OMG.
Doctor Who / Tik Tok remix via Topless Robot – I can’t watch this yet because we’re behind on watching (OMG no spoilers please!), but I want to make sure I can find it later. LOL.
Ten Eternal Movies from The Mary Sue – I now want to open a movie theater that does nothing but show these movies (and ones like them) over and over and over again.

Life-Affirming Tidbit of the Week
The Doctor thinks you are important.

Come back tomorrow for a special Bonus Thursday post, part of Pumpkin Extravaganza!
Did you see anything cool around the intartubes this week? Share it in the comments!

In the future, I plan to feature various articles that have caught my eye over the course of the week. I only came up with this idea last night, though, so I’m not entirely prepared.
So, instead, I’m going to feature a list of blogs and websites that I love to read. I currently have 290 subscriptions on my Google Reader (this number is always fluctuating, though), and get over a thousand new items every weekday. Here’s the cream of the crop, divided into categories for your convenience.

Bug Comic – A simply-illustrated joke-a-day style comic. Quite hilarious.
Hark, A Vagrant! – A smart comic for the educated. Nah, it’s just a hilarious look at history and literature.
Hyperbole and a Half – Hasn’t been updating much lately, but the drawings and stories are ROFL-worthy.
Questionable Content – My first webcomic love, and still one of the best. It’s a long-form ongoing story with many deeply engaging characters. Definitely worth all the time you’ll spend in the archives.
XKCD – The much-beloved science-y comic. Mostly the art is stick figures and the jokes are intellectual, but other times the art is gorgeously detailed and the joke is a deep thought about our lives.

Cute-sturbing – This tumblr trawls the internet and comes up with some of the best art. It’s not always SFW.
Avalanche Software Art Blog – this collaborative blog doesn’t update incredibly often, but they run with themes and the different takes on the topics are humorous.
Geek Art – Another web-trawler, this blog publishes galleries from artists with a geeky bent.
PostSecret – the anonymous postcard project posts a collection of secrets every Sunday. Sometimes funny, sometimes deathly serious. Frequently gorgeous and/or creative.
Stasia Burrington – This is the only one on this list that’s by a single artist. That’s how much I love her work. (Occasionally NSFW, if your boss is a prude.)

{I follow so many different crafting blogs that I couldn’t decide who to include and who to leave out.}
Apartment Therapy – Along with it’s “green” associate Re-Nest, among the best of the home-design websites. The community on these (and their other associated sites) is kind and relaxing as well – I’ve not seen a single flame war.
CRAFT – This one collects articles from blogs all over the blogosphere. A very great way to find new designs and designers to follow.
Dude Craft – Repurposing and building with a laidback edge.

BlogHer – This network publishes articles by women from all over the stage of life. Another great way to meet new people.
Jezebel – This is more of a ladymag, really. Beware the comments, but the articles are fun and informative (always a good combo).
Mamapop – A snarky take on life, kids, and other things that moms care about (like tv).
Mommyish – News for Moms, straight-up. Parenting-related news and articles, with much less drama than some of the other sources.
Ohdeedoh – Parenting from the people who bring you Apartment Therapy. Lots of great decorating and craft ideas here, too.
STFU, Parents – A funny (and scary) look at the people we wish we didn’t know.
The Gloss – Another ladymag. This one is aimed more at singles and childless women, but it’s fun and entertaining.

Confessions of a Pioneer Woman – Homestead-style life.
Scary Mommy – Don’t even pretend that you don’t want to hide from your kids.
The Bloggess – If you don’t know her, you don’t know funny (or Beyonce the giant metal chicken). Knock knock.
The Zero Waste Home – Sometimes a bit pretentious, but I’ve gotten a lot of great “green” tips from her.

IO9 – A conglomeration of all the science and sci-fi you want.
GeekSugar – Geek Lite.
Mental Floss – Give your brain a workout. Tons of trivia and interesting facts to perk you up after a boring afternoon.
The Mary Sue – Science, Sci-fi, and Geek News from a female point of view. One of my absolute favorite places on the internet – I’ll probably be featuring them frequently.
Topless Robot – Incredibly similar to The Mary Sue, but with guys. Another of my favorites.
Wired Science – If you want straight Science, go here.
Zelda Informer – IMO, the best news aggregator for The Legend of Zelda. They also feature other Nintendo news.

Anglophenia – The BBC America blog. Every Tuesday is Doctor Whosday!
Gawker – News and gossip. Has something of a liberal bent, and the comments are poisonous. But the news is good.
Lifehacker – What it says on the tin. Comments are safe here, unlike the rest of the Gawker network. Great hints and tips for everyday life.
Smitten Kitchen – Food. Delicious Food.
The Kitchn – Another awesome blog from Apartment Therapy. Food, food and more food.

This list ended up longer than I expected, and it’s not exhaustive! I hope you enjoyed, and I hope you’ve found some new blogs to follow! Feel free to share your favorites in the comments. 🙂

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